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...Knowledge & Skill that make you valuable.


We offers its clients a rare mix of competence and experience. Our strength lies in our ability to mobilize required expertise for assisting clients in identifying, and understanding the challenges facing them in order to provide distinct and measurable value-added services to their businesses. Using our team of seasoned professionals, we assist clients to identify issues and challenges that constrain their performance, and undertake comprehensive and systematic diagnosis of such issues as a basis for resolving them.


Opportunities for huge cost savings may have initially driven outsourcing services. However, in recent times it has become evident that outsourcing provides businesses with quality and excellence. While cutting cost continues to be an important reason for organisations to outsource,  it is no longer the only reason. Globally, organisations are turning to the outsourcing model to refocus their energies on strategic and core issues, gain access to world class capabilities, reallocate capital, reduce operational expenses, reduce time to market.

Delivering Value

Our workshops offer a unique experiential design that is unlike traditional training courses. It is inclusive, highly interactive and leverages the knowledge of all participants. We provide delegates with pre-read documents and pre workshop assignments to ensure learning starts long before the commencement of the programme. We also provide ongoing support and hand holding after the workshop to ensure we push the boundary of learning all the way back to the place of work.


Forensic Accounting & Audit Reporting

Fee =N195,000

Advanced Frauds Detection & Prevention Techniques

Fee =N215,000

Tax Administration & Reduction Techniques

Fee =N185,000

Finance & Accounts For Non-Financial Professionals.

Fee =N185,000

IFRS-Fundamental Fee =N195,500


Fee =N235,000

Advanced Bank Internal Audit & Risk Management Strategies.

Fee =N 245,000


Assets & Liability Mgt + Capital Adequacy Planning

Fee =N255,000

Corporate Finance & FOREX Management Masterclass

Fee =N285,000

Mastering International Project Management

Fee =N195,000

Investment Valuation & Project Appraisal

Fee =N195,000

Mastering Mergers & Acquisition

Fee =N195,000


Petroleum Economics & Risk Analysis

Fee =N185,000

Performance Measurement & Risk Analysis for Assets Mgt & Hedge funds

Fee =N235,000

Enterprise Risk Management

Fee =N235,000

Operational Risk Management: Basel 11 Compliance

Fee =N255,000

Managing Risk in Electronic Banking

Fee =N235,000

Welcome to Fontini Consulting Limited

Fontini Consulting is the leading firm that provides continuing professional development training for all categories of professionals and non-professionals in Accounting, Banking and Other industries in Nigeria. Our training programmes come in form of workshops, seminars and courses and they are organized as open programmes as well as in-house deliveries.

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I am willing to have more of this workshop.

Aladelusi Idowu Usman

The facilitators are very good.

Olufemi Oluwarotimi Ogunniyi

Very wonderful & well organized workshop.

Jibril Aliyu

This is a nice programme which enhances the employ performance in n organization.

Ebgeyemi Wasiu Olatunde

This is a very intresting programme that can as well increase job effectiveness

Sobola Olakunle

Good facilitators, keep it up.

Chukwudoro Augustine

The course would be better appreciated with more participants and resource persons.

Ajayi Tunde Robinson

It has increased my knowledge.

Babandi Isah Gumel

The training is quite good & wonderful.

Nwanah Gabriel C.

I am very happy and fortunate because I learnt a lot.

Musa Abdulkadir

The course contents were detailed and the lecturers delivery was professionally handled. It has value impaccted positively on me.

Kayode Adetokunbo Ojewole (ACA)

The course has added me with so much value, which I hope more of this opportunity to come so that we gain more from the organizers faculties.

Ahmed Musa Farouk

The workshop designed is well documented and have added value to me.

Mohammed Umar

The course has been explained to the fullest.

Babaudi Isah Gumel

Our Clients

Our workshop

Our workshop(s) are designed to equip our delegates with the knowledge, skills and characteristics required to achieve spectacular results and offer a unique experiential design that is unlike traditional training courses. All our courses offer several cutting-edge tools, templates, assessments and activities for immediate implementation. Our Learning & Development programmes are delivered by leading industry practitioners and expert consultants in a number of formats such as public training courses, customized in-house programmes, workshops and blended solutions.